General Info

Order & Art Submittal: Please include your PO# in the subject line. Submit both a complete purchase order form and ready-to-use vector art to

Order Acknowledgment: A customer service representative will confirm receipt of your email and advise of any missing information to complete your order once reviewed. Please call the factory if you do not get an email confirmation within 24-business hours. The Factory will not be responsible for electronic or fax transmittal failure.

CO-Packing: We do not co-pack or ship orders together. It is necessary to send a separate order for each art design and item number. Jobs travel through the production process separately and will ship individually.

Purchase Order Information: To ensure the most effective processing of your order, include the following – PO number, Company Name, and billing address. Your contact information, including name, phone number, fax number, and email address. Correct Item Code, Color, and Quantity desired; imprint color with PMS-Number for reference. Ship-To address, Shipping method (Ground is our default). In-Hands date (if applicable)

Standard Lead Time: 7-15 business days from receipt of a complete purchase order, ready-to-use vector art, payment, or final response, not including transit time, with the possibility of adding production days, should we need them due to material or production delays. Factory authorization is required before submitting a rush order. Call factory for specifics.

Ink Color with PMS-Number: We do not offer PMS-Match. We ask you to supply a PMS-Number for reference only. However, only near tonal values can be achieved and vary from original and repeat orders. Tonal values will not appear exact on dark products. We suggest a pre-production proof if the ink color is critical, offered at $50.00(V) plus applicable screen charges. The Factory assumes no responsibility for incorrect tonal colors.

Pricing: We recommend you verify products and pricing before placing an order. Catalog pricing is subject to change without notice. We are not liable for incorrect information on third-party promotional product search engines. The factory is not responsible for verbal quote errors. No quotes will be honored unless in writing.

Ink Change: Offered at $20.00(V) per change during a run.

Assort Product Colors within an order: Scuba and Neoprene $3.00(Z) each. 50 pieces per color minimum. Stadium cups require a minimum of 100 pieces per color. Items sold in case increments will require full case purchases.

Changes or Cancellation: Once a Sales-Order-Specification is emailed, the items are either ordered, pulled, flamed, or die-cut. Therefore, any changes or cancellations will incur a 20% restocking fee. Prepay-Orders will incur a 3% fee to process a credit card refund. Partially/Completed orders cannot be changed or canceled. All changes must be sent via email and confirmed by phone.

New order Digital Proof: Black & White art layout proofs are emailed for every new order. Color Proofs are offered at $10:00 net each. Orders will not go into production until art approval is received. American Zebra is not responsible for incorrect art approval.

Repeat order Proof: Repeat orders will be printed/sublimated using the supplied previous PO-Number/SO-Number. A copy of the art layout will be included with the emailed order specs and will not require a signature. Returns are not accepted due to incorrect referenced numbers. There is no screen charge on exact art and item within 1-Year of the invoice date. Over 1-Year will be considered new and require new art submittal. A $50.00(V) Screen charge per color will apply. All FOB-IN Repeat orders will incur a $50.00(V) Repeat Screen charge per color.

Freight Quotes: Accepted via email

Multi-Color/Foam items: Ink color cannot touch at any point. We screen-print a max of two (2) spot colors. Please allow for movement up to ¼” in any direction. Due to complexity, some multi-color images may not be possible.

Puff Additive on Scuba Foam: The Factory reserves the right to determine the amount of puff additive depending on the PMS-Number and art detail. Some colors do not allow puff additive.

Customer Pickup Orders: A team member will reach out via phone or email when the order is complete and recommend the pickup hours.

Drop Ship: $10.00(Z) per additional location(s) plus $3.00(Z) Handling fee per case. The dropship list, including typed addresses and appropriate case quantities, must accompany the original purchase order. All drop shipments must be case increments. Changes are not possible if the order has been packed.

Shipping: Standard shipping method is UPS or FedEx Ground Service unless advised otherwise; to guarantee a particular carrier, a UPS or Fed-EX shipper account number is required, a $3.00(Z) handling/service fee per case will apply.

A $25.00(Z) charge will be assessed for any UPS or FedEx Chargeback. The calculated amount plus the $25.00 fee will be automatically charged to your supplied credit card. Usage of your shipper number will not be allowed on future shipments.

Submitted orders must indicate if the delivery address is Commercial or Residential. Residential delivery is subject to additional charges.

Both UPS and FED-EX utilize dimensional weight and cubic densities. Shipping weights listed on the digital catalog are estimates only; real weights may vary.

International shipments must include appropriate documentation, brokerage along with UPS shipper number. AZL is not responsible for any Duties, Tariffs, or other export-fees.

The factory has no control of delivery after being transferred to the shipper. Claims for damages, shortages, etc., must be placed with the carrier. Retain original cartons and contents for inspection. The factory does not guarantee the orders’ arrival. If the product is shipped per the schedule and arrives late due to shipper error, you are still required to pay for the order, less any refunds received from the shipper. Some orders may ship from alternative locations.

Warranty: American Zebra warrants its products and decoration to be of good quality. Defective items will be replaced at no charge when returned within five (5) days of receipt. Our liability is limited to the invoice amount on order. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to the sender. Merchandise must be available to be returned for any credit or replacement.

Order Quantities: Orders are generally shipped in exact quantities. Due to the decoration process’s nature, orders shipped 5% under will be considered complete.

Product Colors and Shade Variances: Product colors can vary slightly from one production run to the next. By nature, dark-colored plastics show blemishes that are not noticeable in other colors.

Plastic items Scuffs and Scratches: Due to the nature of plastics, scuffs and scratches can be seen on darker colored plastic items. This is unavoidable in the molding and printing process. These marks are not considered a defect and will not be eligible for a credit.

Foam Color & Thickness Variance: Due to the laminate surface of these products, Color and Foam consistency will vary within and from order to order; this is considered acceptable and within industry standards

Ink Odor: All silkscreen promotional products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. These vapors may be trapped in the product and cardboard packaging before entirely dissipating. Please allow the product to “air out” We will not re-run an order based on this common odor complaint, as it is part of the printing process.

Measuring the Ounce Size of Drinkware: We use the industry-standard measurement; filled to the brim capacity using pure water, give or take an ounce depending on elevation. In short, the higher a cup is from sea level, the less liquid it will hold. A 16-ounce cup in Santa Fe will hold less liquid than a 16-ounce cup in Galveston. American Zebra will not be liable for product size decisions. When in doubt, request a sample; we ask that you provide your UPS or FedEx shipping account number to cover the cost of shipping.

Blank Orders: Call the factory for stock availability and lead time. A minimum purchase of $50.00(Z) is required on all blank orders. Item sold in case increments will require complete case purchases. We do not accept returns on blank items.

Copyright/Trademark Laws: American Zebra assumes artwork submitted fully complies with all laws concerning copyright, trademarks, etc. By placing these orders, Purchasers agree to hold American Zebra harmless for any damages, cost, or expenses arising under violation of these laws resulting from American Zebra’s use of supplied artwork.

Returned Checks: All returned checks will be assessed for a $25.00(Z) charge. Accepted methods of replacement payment are Credit Card or Money Order only.

Printing Distortions: Printing distortions on tapered products may occur on some logos, designs, geometric shapes (circles, ovals, triangles, etc.) and will be conceded acceptable and within industry standards.

We do not recommend screen-printing or sublimating QR codes on our products due to the ink consistency. One tiny flaw and the QR code may not work.

Washing of Plastic: Hand-Wash only with mild, liquid detergent soap. Do not place in dishwasher; avoid using commercial detergents or abrasive cleaners, which will damage the imprint and scratch the surface. Products are not for use in the restaurant environment

Right to Promote: Unless specified in writing when the Purchase Order form is submitted, we reserve the right to use any printed item for display and promotion. Some imprints that appear in our literature are products that we have printed; however, their presence does not constitute an endorsement. Images shown on the product sample are not available for print

Website Accessibility: We are committed to making sure that every visitor to our site has an optimal experience and that all of our content is functional and accessible to everyone. Our site was designed with accessibility in mind and we work continuously to find ways to ensure there are no barriers.